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Messages for Motivation

Send Virtual Letters to Motivate
Healthcare Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic!

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Messages for Motivation at a Glance

Messages for Motivation is a program designed to deliver virtual letters to healthcare workers. Join us to help brighten someone's day. Healthcare workers are working hard despite this pandemic, and positive messages will increase their morale. Learn more about the positive impact we will make and join us in bringing about beneficial change.

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Volunteer Hours

Volunteering Tracking info: Email us if you plan on getting your hours signed. We recommend making sure your school (or other organization) will accept your hours volunteering with us.  It is up to your school (or other organization) to accept them as we are not registered officially. We are not a registered nonprofit. 
That being said, we will sign off on your hours. All you have to do is track your hours by creating a Google Doc and sharing it with us. Here, list the date, time (start and end), and how many minutes you volunteered in that session. We will verify your hours by seeing how many cards you made and the quality (longer and more creative cards will take more time to make).

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Make Your Cards

Email Your Letters to Us

We Deliver Your Messages to Hardworking Healthcare Workers

How to Make Your Letters



You can type your letter on Google Docs or Microsoft Word! You can include digital images and format it in an appealing manner! Feel free to include multiple letters in one document, but every letter should be on its own page. Also, one letter cannot be more than a page long. This method of submission is very convenient! Email it to us as an attachment.


You can handwrite your letters and then scan it with a scanning app on your phone! In fact, iPhones have scanning software on the Notes app. This method is great because you can draw or doodle things on your letters! After you scan your letters, you can upload them onto a file (multiple letters in one file are fine). Email the file to us as an attachment. Or, take clear pictures of the letters and email them. The process is easy and does not take long, and feel free to email us for a tutorial, or you go YouTube!

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What to Include in the Letters + Information

1. Include Positive Sayings

- Just wanted you to know that someone was thinking of you and knows that you are making an important difference.  
- You’ve got this.  If anyone can do this it is you!
- Sending you good vibes!
- I think you are amazing!
- Just a message to say you are amazing.

2. Do Not Include...

Personal information

       - Name

       - Phone number

       - Email

       - Age

3. Be Creative

- Draw / paint / insert images

- Find positive quotes online

- Come up with some puns

- Mention a healthy living tip (walk outside, read, stay hydrated)

4. Be Real

- Say what you have been doing everyday

- Show your gratitude for them

- Motivate them to keep working hard because they matter

5. More Information

- Limit each letter to one page. Letters do not have to be that long! You can write a few sentences and include some memes/other images. Honestly, it is up to you, so be creative!

- These letters are not just for doctors and nurses, but they are also for the administration, hospital police, dietary department, etc. Although you can specialize your letters for doctors/nurses, we hope you can also make some general letter so that others can receive them, too!

- We will read your letter before sending it to the hospitals

Through our program, we have the potential to make a real difference in the community. We encourage everyone, no matter what age, to participate!

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Riya Shah, President

Riya Shah is a current sophomore at Amador Valley High School. She has a strong passion for science, and aspires to become a doctor. Her mission is to gather volunteers to motivate healthcare workers, and she is determined to spread awareness about these hardworking individuals. With this in mind, Riya created this organization. Along with this personal project, she enjoys swimming, traveling, and volunteering!

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What should I include?

Ideas for the text portion: what makes you happy, suggestions (listen to music, take a walk, call your friends, read), quotes, motivational sayings
Creative ideas: doodles, images, puns, drawings, memes, jokes, riddles

Where are the letters sent?

They are sent to healthcare workers. We are currently working directly with hospitals. We also have recently opened up senior letter volunteering.

Why should I get involved?

You will personally make hardworking healthcare workers smile! Even one letter is a great contribution. Also, you can volunteer online from the safety of your house.

How many letters can I write?

We encourage you to write as many letters as you can, but even one letter is appreciated.

How else can I help?

Share this site with your friends, family, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc! We want to increase our impact!

Do you have any examples of letters?

Yes! Press here for examples!

Contact Messages for Motivation

Hand Writing
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Misha Jain, Director of Marketing

Misha Jain is a student at Foothill High School. She is an aspiring leader who has a passion for business, and STEM. Her goal is to provide hardworking healthcare workers with the appreciation and motivation they deserve. Besides being an active volunteer, she is also a competitive swimmer and dancer who enjoys traveling!

Emma Le, Director of Communications

Emma Le attends high school at Amador Valley. Coming from a family of doctors, dentists, and pharmacists, Emma thoroughly understands the extent to which individuals in the medical field have sacrificed for their patients' well being and believes that it is important to raise awareness regarding this issue. Because of this, Emma helped create this organization especially. Besides her interest in science, she enjoys painting, performing various forms of dance, and talking to friends and family.

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